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bibi Barberi

About my vision…

There are many ways to hunt for the perfect Italian property, my way is different.

In my many years devoted to foreign clients and Italian properties I have learned a few secrets which I’d like to share.

First of all, there is a type of property that is universally appreciated, whose intrinsic value is easily grasped regardless of origin or background. Its timeless beauty and old world charm enthrals any Italian-home enthusiast. This website means to enclose these Unique Italian Properties.

Secondly, clients have different expectations on their Italian project and this prospect is closely related to time: how many trips will it take to find the ideal property? How long will it take before I start enjoying my property to the fullest?

I have personally and carefully selected only properties that are SPECIAL because of their matchless location, exclusive architecture or rare history. In addition, all my clients receive my full support to make the process comfortable, clear and relaxed. You are in the right place to start your property hunt in Italia!

Our services

Negotiation of property’s purchase price and conditions according to purchaser’s requests and necessities
Business account
Use of Property Hunt Italia’s business account for transit of any payment related to property purchase
Italian Tax Code
Assistance in obtaining CODICE FISCALE (Italian Tax Code) from Italian Tax Office, necessary in order to purchase properties in Italy
Opening a bank account
Assistance in opening a bank account in an Italian bank necessary to be able to purchase a property in Italy
Translators Services
Translator services: please let us know which language you are more comfortable in.
After Sale Services
Services to the persone and to the property

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