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Our foreign clients always have many questions about purchasing a home in Italy. We give you here some of the most common answers, but please do not hesitate to email or call us, should your question not be answered in this list. We are here to help.

My name is Bibi Barberi, I am real estate consultant and a fully certified broker. I speak fluent Italian, English (I am Canadian), French and Spanish. I’ve been living and working in Umbria for over 25 years and have the good fortune of turning my passion for property into a successful career.

Since you are visiting our website then you’re most likely searching for a special property which doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune to buy. Ask yourself what you really want from this property and what you expect from Italy and then we can start closing in on location, property type and other key criteria.

Of course, I’d be happy to give my opinion regardless of who lists a property. Furthermore once you have a clear idea of the types of properties that suit your requirements I’d be pleased to contact trusted colleagues who represent similar properties in terms of location and quality. That way we can be sure to make the most of your time in Italy.

Anytime, simply contact us for a viewing.

Just send us an email. We will gladly send you additional information that we chose not to make available on the Internet.

Please let us know when and in which area you’d like to stay so we can give you a list of recommended accommodations.

Yes I am an agent and my commission is 3% + IVA (Italy’s value added tax). For properties under €100,000 my commission is a flat fee of €4,000 + IVA.

A few restrictions apply. International real estate laws are based on reciprocity. According to your country of origin there may be some restrictions as to what you can buy (i.e. Swiss citizens cannot buy homes of a certain size…Canadians have limitations as to the amounts of land...) However these restrictions do not apply to EU citizens.

Location, Position, Size, Price and the Heart (it is the beginning of a love affair after all).

Geometra is a high school conferred academic credential while an architect or engineer earns his or her title after an extensive university career. When dealing with a restoration, which is a delicate matter, one should prefer a fully titled and experienced professional.

The belief that geometras are better acquainted with local authorities and ease procedures is largely a myth. By law geometras can intervene on modest structures and therefore may be ideal for smaller jobs.

A good price point for a full restoration is €1,500 per square meter (€800 for builders finish + €700 for a complete internal finish which includes a kitchen and fully fitted bathrooms). For a revamp €800 per square meter would be a reasonable estimate. (These prices do not include any outdoor finishes.) To these prices one must add the “technical” fees on a renovation for structural plans and submission of plans to local authorities by an engineer/architect; IVA is also not included and IVA varies from 10% to 21% on a full renovation.

Our experience aims to take the stress out of renovating in Italy. We stand ready to advise and arrange the entire project tailor made to your requirements, timing and budget. However the sale and renovation are not necessarily combined .

It will be our pleasure to view the property and the plans and discuss options with you.

Property tax (imposta municipale unica or IMU) is paid to the comune (township) in which the property is located. This means every comune has a certain degree of discretion on taxation. The recently instated IMU has significantly increased property taxes but Italy still has very reasonable tax rates as compared to the United Kingdom or United States. A second home of approximately 200 square meters in an expensive comune could result in an IMU of approximately €1,500 per year.

Yes and various specialized agencies are available in that regard. Of course, rental income depends on size, location, condition and amenities. A meeting with rental professionals can help answer many relevant questions and we’re happy to assist in that regard.

We will be happy to help you evaluate various alternatives although financing property acquisitions by foreigners can be a drawn out procedure.

YWe will help you with all the legalities, in conjunction with the notary, the surveyor, the registry office and any other agencies.

Of course! After all we’re in the 21st Century even if your preferred home is in an idyllic spot nestled in pristine countryside.

Very few properties have this restriction and we will point them out clearly.

Normally this is a quick and straight forward matter – considering Italian standards. We will point out any issues that could impact your timing in advance. For more information on buying procedures please contact us and we will send you an email with our guidelines.

We generally advise 18 months for a full renovation - 9 months for a revamp - from deed to delivery. It really depends on the client’s clarity of vision: if your mental picture is clearly transmitted to the architect/engineer then you can be assured that your perfect property will be delivered on time and on budget. Experience teaches that a change of mind will affect your pocketbook and your deadline.

Purchasing a restored, finished home will save you time and, in some instances, money as well. If you are happy with the chosen finishes - and the seller is motivated – you can reasonably expect to buy at a price which is lower than renovating.

This is apparently not a requirement but you should consider the decision from both a legal and financial point of view. However you need not have a resident’s permit to take advantage of renovation benefits such as the 10% IVA rate.