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About Us

There are many ways to search for the perfect Italian property: My way is different.

In my years devoted to foreign clients and Italian properties I have learned a few secrets which I’d like to share.

First and foremost, some properties appeal to certain people while other clients are completely taken by something very different. On the other hand, there is a type of property that is universally appreciated, whose intrinsic value is immediately grasped regardless of origin or background.

This website is designed to capture these Unique Italian Properties.

Secondly, clients have varying expectations of their Italian house hunt and this fact is closely related to time:
How many trips will it take to find the ideal property?
How long will take to get it right?
Listings are based primarily on TIMING. In light of the foregoing I have personally and carefully selected only properties that are SPECIAL because of their matchless location, exceptional architecture or rare history.

They are listed in the following categories:

  • “Practically Perfect” encompasses fully restored homes ready to move into and enjoy from Day 1.

  • “Revamp” reflects homes that will require some updating or minor work.

  • “Phoenix Projects” are amazing properties that deserve to be “brought back from the ashes”. They are complete renovations waiting to retell their centuries old tales.

Italy offers so much in terms of special properties reflective of its highly sought after lifestyle and timeless beauty; make certain your house hunt truly makes the most of the best on offer. Make sure your new home embodies the best of Italy.

Bibi Barberi